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Welcome to Coach2SuccessWelcome to Coach2SuccessWelcome to Coach2Success

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It's all about being curious


I'm curious about what makes individuals tick and how they can be more effective (and content).  I'm curious about teams and organisations, and what's really going on.  I'm curious about leading change and how more people can provide leadership.

Empathy with Edge


There's almost nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing individuals begin to understand how they can move forward.  I want to provide a safe enough space to aid that exploration, with the right amount of challenge.  

Customer stuff


I can do this - and more!

Leadership Development programmes, usually in collaboration with Seren CMT or Cranfield School of Management.  Change Leadership Masterclasses.  Operations Strategy consulting.  Team and Executive coaching.

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Just one testimonial says it all

"I met Graham Clark whilst working as a senior manager for a national charity.  Despite all I had going for me professionally, I felt like a fish out of water, but couldn't put my finger on why. Working with Graham helped me to discover what really made me tick, both professionally and as a person.  His warmth and easy conversational style Backed up by his vast experience helping senior executives, aided by psychometric testing led me to unearth my patterns of behaviour.  I fondly describe the experience as being like someone giving you a user-manual to yourself, after decades of trial and error"

Client List

I've worked with a wide range of clients in these sectors:  telecoms, financial services, informations systems providers, third sector, facilities management, automotive components, retail, engineering and education.

Things I'm proud of

Service Operations Strategy


I've worked with leadership teams in a variety of organisations to develop and implement service strategies.  Assignments include customer support strategies for telecoms, computer, and manufacturing companies.  My work includes process improvement alongside leading the necessary cultural change required for success.

Customer Service


Developing and delivering a consistent relationship with customers is at the heart of success.  I was a non executive director of the UK's Institute of Customer Service for 6 years and was part of the Institute's repositioning , putting customer service on the board agenda

It's all about the people


I employ a wide range of techniques to help those I'm coaching understand themselves better.  I'm qualified to deliver MBTI Steps 1 & 2 as well as FIRO-B.  The real key is to enable people to be curious about their personality and capabilities

Graham's Blog

This section reflects some of the thoughts, questions, and ambitions that come out of my work with individuals, teams and organisations

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I am very happy to discuss your coaching needs by telephone , Skype or email

I have extensive experience in coaching and consulting with individuals, teams and organisations.


9 Carey Way, Olney, Buckinghamshire MK46 4DR, GB

07577 468 065 or graham@coach2success.co.uk


Monday - Sunday: 9am - 8pm


What leadership means to me

I believe that the world needs more leadership.  To quote Simon Sinek, this isn't being the big L Leaders but little l leadership.  Families, organisations, social groups and even countries need more people to provide leadership. 

Do you believe that you  can do this?  I do. 

Leadership is about stepping in to a situation to provide the direction, motivation and information that's required in the moment.  It's not about position, it's about you!

Leadership can also be about stepping back to allow others to contribute.  Be sure it's facilitation and not abdication.